Chiropractic is a drug-free, holistic healing method that removes interference to the nervous system, amplifying the body’s innate intelligence for optimum function and life expression. As Chiropractors, we work with the body’s instinctual and natural ability to heal itself, from the inside out, addressing the cause of a problem rather than numbing symptoms.
The nervous system is the main computer in the body and controls all of the other systems in the body. Therefore, stress on the nervous system can affect all areas of the body, and manifest in symptoms such as: musculoskeletal pain, systemic issues such as high blood pressure and digestive problems, headaches, depression & anxiety, etc.
Chiropractic adjustments restore balance and alignment to an imbalanced nervous system stuck in stress response or sympathetic mode (“fight/flight”). The end results of a nervous system which is stuck in a stress response include:
-Chronically tight muscles
-Continuous release of stress hormones (causing a decreased ability to deal with life’s stresses, inability to concentrate, insomnia, indigestion, etc)
-Defensive body posturing (forward head posture, rounded shoulders, increased curve in the upper back, slouching)
-Elongated spinal cord and pulling of the nerves and meninges
-Spinal misalignments
-Decreased range of motion
-A wide variety of symptoms
Adjustments are performed in a variety of ways, from gentle manipulations to light touches at specific places along the spine. Adjustments not only mobilizes the joints in the spine, but also relax the spinal cord, meninges, & nerves, taking pressure of the vertebrae, discs, nerves, and muscles. People who get regularly adjusted enjoy increased energy, an improved ability to deal with life’s stresses, increased spinal flexibility, decreased pain, fewer cold & flu symptoms, fewer headaches, and an increased sense of vitality and well-being! Chiropractic adjustments are safe, effective, and gentle – suitable for all members of your family.