A woman’s body goes through so many changes during pregnancy. Not only are there physical changes, there are hormonal and emotional changes. Chiropractic care during this time helps to balance of all these aspects in the body, and makes this life-changing transition easier and more enjoyable.

During pregnancy, the body releases a hormone called Relaxin that helps prepare the body for birth. Relaxin helps the ligaments in the pelvis to loosen so the pelvis can widen during delivery and also affects ligaments in all of the other joints in the body. Because of the loosened ligaments, the pelvis, spine, and extremities often misalign, which can cause stress on the nervous system and pain to the expectant mom. Adjustments help the body stay in alignment and alleviate back pain and discomfort from carrying the equivalent of a watermelon 12 inches in front of your body! Adjustments also help women with the common extremity symptoms of shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, knee pain, etc.

Studies show that women under regular Chiropractic care during their entire pregnancy experience a shorter and more efficient labor.

Intrauterine Constraint
There are many ligaments within the pelvic bowl that attach the uterus to the pelvis. The major ligaments are the “broad ligament” and the “round ligament”. The broad ligament attaches the uterus to the walls and floor of the pelvis and the round ligament holds the uterus in suspension within the pelvis. Misalignments in the pelvis or the sacrum can result in pulling of the ligaments within the pelvis and can cause constraint in the uterus. Intrauterine constraint creates less room in the uterus for the fetus to move and can result in a breeched baby.

The Webster Technique is a Chiropractic technique that addresses misalignments in the sacrum and tension in the round ligament that can result in a breech baby. With the proper adjustments, the uterus can relax, unwind, and allow the baby to move into the correct position. Proper use of the Webster Technique has helped many babies go from being in the breech position to the ideal head down position for birth.