Dr. Danielle Moseley Testimonials

"I met my own personal angel, Dr. Danielle. She had a small miracle to accomplish in a short amount of time. My foot pain was so intense I couldn’t walk without Crocs and my son was getting married in a month and a half. Picture perfect does not include the walk down the aisle in Crocs-no matter what color. Not only did I wear heels but I kept them on almost all day. Dr. Danielle will be sitting on a pedestal forever. I no longer have shoulder pain and hopefully avert future neck problems. Thank you from me and my new daughter-in-law that hates Crocs."
-Peggy G.

"After a few weeks of adjustments, I noticed that my knee pain was eliminated. I had been dealing with this pain for 3 years and now I am pain free. I am so glad that I decided to give Dr. Danielle a chance to help me. It was one of the best decisions that I have made."
-Tina D.

"Words are not enough to describe the positive changes that Dr. Moseley has had on my body…and my life. I am 50 years old, and for 15 years I’ve suffered from a compressed spine, resulting in chronic pain and problems in my neck, back, arms, and legs, but the injuries that caused it began even earlier. Years of exercise and other physical therapies improved my condition, but when I started seeing Dr. Moseley, my healing process accelerated beyond all expectations. Her therapy program was right on target, and in just a few months I began to feel a huge relief from pain; but also to experience the deep healing she talked about in our initial meeting. My overall health and energy improved, which lead to positive changes in the rest of my life. And towards the end of the program, when the healing process became intense, Dr. Moseley went above and beyond the call of duty and was there with the emotional support I needed to get through the discomfort. That’s not something I’d expect from any doctor, and it meant a lot to me. In short, I can’t recommend Dr. Moseley highly enough."

"Less than a year ago I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease. The pain in my back and neck caused me to change my lifestyle dramatically. I was forced to give up my hobby of ceramics, I had difficulty standing in front of my classroom while I taught high school English classes, and I was unable to get into and out of my car without feeling excess pain in my lower back. It was then that the doctor told me one possible method of relieving the pain was to work with a chiropractor. Dr. Danielle Moseley came to my rescue.
Within a few months of treatment, I was back to ceramics, which keeps me active and gives me a feeling of creative achievement I had missed for many months. I have always been wary of chiropractic adjustments, fearful that they could cause more damage than good. I must admit that I was wrong and the Dr. Moseley has improved my quality of life, which I was sure I had lost forever. Finally retired at 78 and once again making pottery, walking to breakfast and shopping on Lakeshore, I can once believe in my theory that middle age starts at 70, old age at 140, so I’m looking forward to another 50 or 60 of productive, enjoyable life."
-Douglas R.