Dr. Heidi Wroebel Testimonials

“Chiropractic treatment is something I have always been aware of, but not considered a real necessity or possibility for me. I've never had a serious accident or injury, but I've been aware in the last 5-7 years that I feel more discomfort in my neck, back, shoulders and stomach than a person my age should feel. I learned about Network Chiropractic from Dr. Heidi and was encouraged by the idea that it promises long-lasting results by training my own nervous system to heal itself.
The beauty of Network Chiropractic is that it's good for your whole body and spirit, not just for treating the symptoms. Dr. Heidi helped me to understand that symptoms are a reflection of everything else that is going on inside of your being. I had many stomachaches and digestive problems resulting from work and emotional stress that have been drastically relieved as a result of coming to Dr. Heidi. Dr. Heidi has seen me through times of extreme emotional trauma. The consistency of her care is like a rock of stability that helps to keep me sane! Needless to say, my nervous system is in good hands.
Dr. Heidi and her partner have created a beautiful and comfortable environment for their patients. For me, being a patient at Inspired Life Chiropractic is like going to therapy without having to talk. I made the decision to try it out with an open mind and to give it a fair chance, and I have not been disappointed. I look forward to every treatment. The power of having someone touch you in a healing way through chiropractic is amazing and exciting. I can feel my body learning to heal itself and I am a million times more aware of what my body going through on a daily basis. I know that being a patient here--much like working out and eating healthfully--is contributing toward my long-term health and longevity.”

–Meg S., Marketing & Graphic Design

“When I first came to see Dr. Heidi I was a few weeks out of a traumatizing surgery. My body was under lots of stress and it felt like it was going out of alignment weekly. Dr. Heidi was always a beacon of hope, reassuring me that my body would unwind, that I could have faith and that all would work out. Her attentiveness and willingness to listen really meant so much. She regularly took time to notice my body and ask if she came upon something that felt significant. I felt respected and in team in healing my body. She even gave me helpful things to do at home that would assist in my healing. My body has grown in its responsiveness to our work and instead of walking around feeling rigid and hurt, now my body moves much more freely. Through my work with Dr. Heidi, my body was able to let go of the stress and trauma, and learn how to relax and re-align itself. Her holistic approach to her work and her clients has truly impacted my life in an incredibly positive empowering way. I feel like a better me!”
Devon R., Workshop Facilitator

“I feel much healthier and able to balance all the activities in my life more easily. I’ve been able to handle stress better and have felt a greater mental clarity. I would definitely recommend Dr. Heidi- I didn’t really believe anything could help me much, but like magic the pains that have plagued me for years are vastly improved and this has bled over into every other realm of my life.”

-Becca B., School Counselor

“Whenever I see Dr. Heidi, I feel like I can drop my defenses. I feel so seen and nurtured by her care; I feel her compassion for wherever I’m at in my life and in my body. I feel her reverence for life.”
-KP, Massage Therapist & Healer, Student

“Before I started seeing Dr. Heidi I would have frequent headaches, more specifically, every time I would get stressed I could just feel my neck and my shoulders tightening and it would often end up being a debilitating migraine. I also had frequent aches and pains in my hips and knees. I rarely get headaches anymore, and the knee and the hip pain, I can barely recall the last time that happened. Probably the most notable change for me is that stress barely affects me anymore; it just rolls off my back. It’s really a very interesting experience to go through an situation you know would’ve wrecked your body in the past because it was so stressful and to be barely affected now. Thank you so much Dr. Heidi!”
-Simone H., Works for Non-Profit

“Dr. Heidi is very caring and loving in a professional way. I have found a wonderful Chiropractor who can help you feel better every day without cracking your back. I have learned that I can heal from the inside out.”
-Mary Ellen J., Retired RN

“In August 2009 I attended a street fair on Lakeshore, at Lake Merritt Oakland. At the time I was in agony and had a very difficult time walking and sleeping. At first I didn’t know how her way of treating me would have any effect. After about a week I began to show improvement. Within a couple of months I was able to walk several blocks, almost pain free. After a couple more months I was walking a mile per day around Lake Merritt. I felt so much better, my mental condition had improved vastly and I was a happy man again. With her wondrous touch I am so very happy to rejoin the human race and once again lead an almost perfectly normal life. Dr. Heidi, thank you so very much for giving me my life back!”
-W.E., Retired Accountant

“When I first began working with Heidi, I not only had physical pain but had been in an emotional shutdown for several years. Under her care I began to experience a succession of breakthroughs- the release of tension and pain was joined by a return of energy flow and a renewal of spirit. Heidi brings her full attention to her clients and I believe an ability to see into the energy system so that she moves beyond methodology into the vital healing of body and spirit. The result for me was a rejuvenation that has allowed me to reclaim power and change my life.”
-Leigh M., Inner Energy Transformation Multi-dimensional Healing & Counseling

“I’d originally come into the office because I hurt my lower back diving off a rock into the river. My symptoms were causing me a lot of pain and I had trouble exercising. Not exercising made me feel generally lethargic and depressed. After seeing Dr. Wroebel only a couple of times, I felt lighter and more comfortable in my lower back. After seeing her for 6 months I felt like I had a whole new body. The care I got from her was one of the things that helped me decide to deepen my yoga practice and become an instructor. I realized I wanted a practice that would maintain structural alignment she’d helped my body recover. Her methods deepened my awareness of my body’s ability to heal itself, if only given a bit of direction and attention.”
-Brennan T., Doula, Yoga Instructor, Admin Assistant

“Thank-you so much for being a tremendous support on my healing journey. I am enjoying a new/renewed vigor and sense of balance.” –J.J., Works for Non-Profit

“I’ll never be able to express to you how your gifts, talents, and skills have transformed me into a well-being! It’s going to be a great year- I can feel it!”
–Jaime S., Mother

“I came to see Dr. Heidi for pain relief in my cervical spine. Before seeing her, I had to give up walking more than 2 blocks, tutoring, washing dishes, cooking, playing bridge, and choir practice. I can now do all of these again! I have more self-confidence and am able to help myself in pain relief. I look at life and stressful events more positively.”
–Polly J., Retired RN & Nursing Professor

“I acknowledge fully and feel blessed at the state of my body (and overall life) as a result of working with you throughout the last few months. Thank-you Heidi, for going above and beyond anything I could have expected a chiropractor to be, and being such a warm, genuine presence in my life in general.”
– Emily H., Student, Pilates Instructor